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What do we do

We offer Psycho - Social Support to Orphans & Vulnerable Children.

"It takes and entire village to raise a child". This is an African proverb that we have adopted to form the foundation of our approach. Consequently, we work directly and indirectly with the children.

Direct Approach

We offer after-school activities so that children have a safe place to be children. We work closely with the local school who provide various activities such as extra homework etc. We also understand that children have household chores to perform that typically include caring for younger siblings, collecting firewood and water. We also have a pre-school for children aged 2 – 6 years of age. This prepares children for school and is designed to encourage development and socialisation.

Indirect approach

In line with the African proverb, we know that children have peers that influence their development and behaviour. Key influencers are the 18 – 30 age group which are locally classed as the "youth". We have worked with various parts of government and have attended numerous workshops to complement efforts. The root causes of many social ills impacting the youth are Poverty and a Lack of Education and Behaviour Change about HIV / AIDS.


We have set up several ways to counter poverty, the main one being a sewing business. We have received funding to purchase domestic and industrial sized sewing machines, and to set up a business making overalls and school uniforms. This business is in its infancy and we hope that it will generate an income for the workforce but also go some way to helping TOP Banana achieve a degree of self sufficiency.


HIV / AIDS has had a massive impact on the whole of sub-saharan Africa, especially Botswana. For many reasons, there is a massive lack of education and behaviour change towards the virus and we have trained members of the local community to manage a house to house campaign to educate the local community about the virus. Some members of this team have been trained as HIV testers and we are able to guide community members to the stage of getting tested.

What makes TOP Banana unique

TOP Banana is the support we can offer after the stage of getting tested. This support is classed as "Positive Living" and provides a vital lifeline and network of support to individuals who are brave enough to overcome the degrees of stigma & discrimination that are massively underestimated by people who are not living at the heart of the pandemic.

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HIV and Aids Education
Sewing Business


Vehicles being donated and delivered to TOP Banana.

Vehicles being donated and delivered to TOP Banana.... Read More

Date Posted: 04 / 03 / 12


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