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Welcome to TOP Banana

We are a small community project based in North East Botswana offering Psycho - Social Support to orphans & vulnerable children.

If you're on our site just to get a short overview of what we do, you may wish to look at;

• A short movie
• A short powerpoint presentation
• TOP Banana explained
• Intro to TOP Banana June 2009

If you have a bit more time, there is more information about our project. We hope that the layout of the site and the content is of interest.

You may wish to keep abreast of current events in Botswana through Facebook and / or Twitter.

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HIV and Aids Education
Sewing Business


Vehicles being donated and delivered to TOP Banana.

Vehicles being donated and delivered to TOP Banana.... Read More

Date Posted: 04 / 03 / 12


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